Saanen, Switzerland

All Solutions are Fictitious

Sabyasachi Guha, who was closely associated with U. G. Krishnamurti, questions
the validity of Jiddu Krishnamurti’s teachings and exposes some of the mis-
conceptions in All Solutions are Fictitious. He also discusses the mechanics of
thought as a pleasure movement, the futile never-ending cycle of replacing one idea
with another, primary and secondary consciousness as a survival mechanism as
well as the body’s intelligent self-organization using the examples of the brain and
the immune system to bring the physical body to a healthy equilibrium.

Guha never fails to remind us that knowledge has its limitations and no amount of
information about the processes of the body and its activities can prepare us to
respond to life’s situations.

To listen to Guha speak is to profoundly encounter oneself with the recognition that
he is addressing our true wellbeing:

“To get to the foundation of a problem you have to come to a place where you are
confronted with yourself. Your capacity, how badly you want to know or your intensity
will bring some action. When you put all your passion into one channel, you will see
things a certain way. Many other things will fall off, because that is the most important
thing for you. It addresses the core problem, not a nonfunctional, hopeful, fictitious
solution mixed with a dose of high producing mythical future.”