Hindmotor, West Bengal, India

Anything to Storytelling?

Sabyasachi Guha first met U.G. Krishnamurti in 1995 in New York. Right from the
onset U.G. had a powerful and physical affect on him which continued throughout
their association till U.G.’s death in 2007. Guha describes some of the experiences
as extremely uncomfortable and uncontrollable processes, like being “visited by the
messenger of death.” He later realized that U.G. was serious when he remarked,
“You wouldn’t touch this with a ten-foot barge pole.” As Guha continued to spend
time with U.G., he underwent a radical, irreversible physical transformation:

“I have turned into a two-legged animal with a peculiar order, and it does not want
to be anywhere or spend time with anybody if it has to compromise that order.”

Moving, honest and confronting, Guha and friends share their experiences of their
interactions with U.G. Krishnamurti and the various aspects of the understandings
that subsequently unfolded.