Ojay, CA, USA

Can’t Lose a Friend I Don’t Have

Sabyasachi Guha, retired physicist, met U.G. Krishnamurti in 1995 and remained in
close association with him until U.G’s death in 2007. In U.G. he felt he had finally met
the person who was able to address his inner conflicts and end his seeking once and
for all.

In Can’t Lose A Friend I Don’t Have Guha addresses the concept of Advaita Vedanta
and explains its stark non-reality.

“The model is an assumption and the reporting mechanism itself a divisive process.
These are concepts and they come to us through intellectual and logical thinking,
therefore it is always problematic. How do we address the oneness of life? One can-
not say, “I have experienced non-duality.” By trying to understand the concept one
will invest tremendously in the dualistic nature of thought and imagination, and in the
process of trying to understand the experience logically, create ideas and various
aspects of advaita.”

“If you attempt to imitate a behavior about a particular state and try to prove you are
functioning accordingly, you will fool yourself and mislead others.”