Belur Temple, Hooghly River, West Bengal, India

Guha Talks with The Mother of God

Sabyasachi Guha, who was closely associated with U.G. Krishnamurti, and
Luna Tarlo, longtime friend and author of the popular book Mother of God engage
in intense dialogues on a wide range of topics, mostly addressing our main concerns
of everyday living, the complexity of human individuals and the inner battles we face
as a result of society’s relentless demands. Guha Talks With the Mother of God is the
outcome of their informal conversations recorded in New York City during the period

Luna, who is in her nineties, lives by herself in New York City. With his refreshingly
candid humor, Guha tells her, “You have lived ninety years on this planet. You are a
champion of the human species. How many people in the whole history of humanity
from day one have survived this long, walked on two feet, lived independently, gone to
the gym several times a week and engaged passionately in discussing human conflicts,
sorrows and the resolution! If you don’t smile, then humanity is doomed!”

A retired physicist, Guha delights in describing himself as a dropout from social
dynamics, as someone who is homeless and godless. He says there is no such thing
as love, truth, god or enlightenment and adds there is “no way out” of our suffering.
Nevertheless, people continue to seek him out with “burning questions” and Guha is
always gracious and forthright in his responses without imposing his point of view on